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January 26, 2012

Definitely a car culture in Atlanta.  It’s hard to get exercise unless you belong to a gym.  I’m not used to this.  I grew up in Boston, which has plenty of bikeways and sidewalks and parks.

I lived in DC, which has amazing bike trails, like the Mount Vernon Trail.  It’s also a very walkable city with plenty of parks.  I also lived in Chicago, which is the king of all walkable cities,

with amazing walkable neighborhoods, like Wrigleyville, Andersonville and Lincoln Park.  They also have an amazing amount of park space and the Lakefront Bike Trail, which is awesome.

You’d figure with great weather in Atlanta, there’d be plenty of places to get outdoor exercise, but you’d be wrong.  Atlanta has very little park space for a city of its size.  Very few sidewalks,

very few walkable neighborhoods, bike trails are almost nonexistent.  I haven’t used my bike since I’ve been down here.  So I get a lot of indoor exercise at the gym.  I’m hoping this will all

change once the Beltline gets constructed, which will be a circular network of bike trails and transportation and housing that will link the city, but it is a long process.  It’s a tough thing to

get acclimated to.  I’m so used to being outside, and with all the nice weather down here, you want to be outside, but there’s just nowhere to walk, unless you want to breathe exhaust fumes.


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